Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slowly Speeding Up

We're needing some prayers from my pals out in bloggerland.

First, there is one. sinkin'. document. that is holding up our visas, and our plane tickets, and our trip as a whole. Basically, we cannot book our flight until we get our visas, and we cannot get our visas until this document is approved. It's a document we have just sent for the FOURTH time (each time with slightly different wording), and we really need it to go through this time.*

Secondly, we just found out that we need to be out of our home in TEN DAYS. We have some friends who are doing us a favor by renting out our home while we are gone. Because they are willing to move here, we are able to leave our furniture, dishes, pots, pans, etc. (which will greatly reduce our moving and storage expenses). However, they must be moved out of their apartment by January 1. Which means we need to be out by January 29. Please pray that I have the energy and ability to get everything packed up and ready by that time. My husband is working extra hours; so I will be doing most of it on my own.

Thanks, y'all, for your prayers. We really need the Lord's perfect timing in all of these situations.

*Update: We just heard from the church that these ARE the correct documents, but they need ORIGINAL, NOTARIZED documents from the state, like, YESTERDAY. And next week is Christmas. Please be praying that we can get these VERY quickly and easily.

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Angela said...

Oh, Brandy. I will definitely pray for you guys. For us, it just simply isn't Christmas anymore without some major life change served with a side of major appliances breaking, all smothered with a little financial suck sauce. :) I know you know this already, but God WILL take care of you and provide all your needs. Our lives are a living testimony of that. It's getting laughable now. Now, we simply wait and look forward to the ways God is going to take care of us. You are precious to Him. His character is too kind, gracious, loving, and compassionate to forget you.

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