Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Survey

A meme from Amy Beth

Three names I go by:

1. Mommy

2. Honey

3. Tudda

Three jobs I’ve had in my life:

1. Cookie baker

2. Pretzel maker

3. Insurance Agent

Three places I’ve lived:

1. Georgia

2. Tennessee

3. South Korea

Three favorite drinks:

1. Coffee

2. Coffee

3. Coffee

Three television shows I watch:

1. Prison Break


3. ... that's it, since we don't have TV.

Three of my favorite foods:

1. Chocolate Cake

2. Macaroni and Cheese

3. Watermelon

Three of my favorite restaurants:

1. Marti's at Midday (in Athens)

2. Panera (in Cleveland)

3. Mr.Pizza (in Korea)

Three things I couldn’t live without:

1. Jesus

2. Jesus

3. Jesus

Three things I can’t stand:

1. Wet, cold feet

2. Anything cream-filled

3. The THX sound at the beginning of movies in the theater

Three things I’m decent at:

1. Writing

2. Cooking (when I have an oven)

3. Singing

Three things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Going to Yung-Deong Church

2. A yummy meal in Seoul

3. Maybe seeing Ansley???

Three things I’m addicted to:

1. Reading blogs

2. Coffee

3. Planning

Friday, August 21, 2009

Remember that scene in E.T. when all the men in white suits came running through the big plastic tubes to take E.T. away? Yeah, that was awesome.

One week and one day ago, we arrived home from English camp. Seriously, y'all, those two weeks of camp were, like, the best weeks EVER! Eighteen (18!) American friends of ours flew all the way from Georgia to be counselors, singers, actors, dancers, targets, and candy givers. I basically did not see Chloe Jane for those two weeks, except at meal time and bed time, because she was totally into hanging out with the American kiddos (and the Korean ones who spoke English). All in all, it was a great two weeks that ended in... well, the worst sickness I've ever had. Seriously. (Anyone else noticed that's the third time I've used that word so far? Seriously.)

Yup, good ol' tonsillitis took hold. A bad case. How do I know it was bad? Well, for starters, I couldn't swallow my own spit. And also, when the doc looked in my mouth, he gasped. Yes, friends, a medical professional who sees sick people all the time actually gasped when he saw my tonsils. I'm pretty sure I should get an award for something like that.

ANYwho. By this past Wednesday (a full week, two shots, and two rounds of antibiotics after this thing started) I was able to take my first bite of solid food. Today, I'm still a little sore in the tonsil area, but I finally have some energy... just in time for Chloe to get a nice little cold.

Funny story... took Chloe to the doctor. He brushed it off as a cold and gave her some fever medicine (read: Tylenol). As we were walking out, my friend mentioned to him that we had been hanging out with Americans for the past couple weeks. That doctor looked at us like we had aliens popping out of our armpits, and then sent us to the Korean version of the CDC because everyone from the United States must have swine flu and therefore a two-year-old's head cold will quite potentially wipe out the entire Korean population. Everyone was dressed in white, snapping gloves, breathing through uber-fancy face masks, sticking Q-tips down little kids throats. Sheesh. Ultimately it was decided that, yes, she probably has a cold. But until the H1N1 virus tests come back, we are quarantined (QUARANTINED!) for the next 2-3 days. Lands sakes alive, our life feels so dramatic sometimes.

So, all that to say, I have quite the to-do list up in my noggin'. So, even though "blogging" falls somewhere alongside "breathing" in my list of priorities, I may have to set it aside for a few more days until that list is a little smaller.

A note to certain family members who seem overly-concerned about the status of our picture taking: We DO have tons of pictures and a few videos from camp. I AM planning to post them as soon as possible. But as having clean underwear takes precedence over the two-hour process of sorting and posting pictures, it may be a few more days. So sorry, dearies. So sorry.

Ok. I guess that's it. Time to start unpacking...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Survey

Because no one procrastinates like I do...

As always, participating in Amy Beth's meme.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7am, can you believe it?? I felt like I was on vacation.

2. How do you like your steak? Medium. But I'll take a veggie burger over a steak any day.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Star Trek - hubby's choice and one of the few showing in English.

4. What is your favorite TV show? Don't watch TV. Bummer dude.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Memphis, TN

6. What did you have for breakfast? Fried eggs and toast.

7. What’s your favorite cuisine? Does chocolate count?

8. What foods do you dislike? Korean. :) Nah... I don't reckon there's any food I won't eat.

9. Where is your favorite place to eat? Starbucks. Have you had their oatmeal with fruit and granola... or brown sugar and cinnamon? I mean, pair that with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and there you have my favorite meal ever.

10. What is your favorite salad dressing? Balsamic Vinaigrette in the winter, Homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette in the summer. I'm a bit of a dressing snob.

11. What kind of vehicle do you drive? I don't drive these days. It's probably the thing I miss most over here.

12. What are your favorite clothes? My white peasant skirt, red v-neck t-shirt, and white flats. Comfortable, feminine, and oh-so-Korean. :)

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? Israel.

14. Is the cup half empty or half full? I never understood that question. Can't it just be half a glass of liquid? Why can't we all just get along?

15. Where would you want to retire? In a Winnebago, on the road.

16. What is your favorite time of the day? Nap time.

17. Where were you born? Northeast Georgia

18. What is your favorite sport to watch? Boxing. Seriously.

19. Are you a bird watcher? I have a hate/hate relationship with all manner of bird.

20. Are you a morning person or a night person? Used to be a night person. These days, I'm neither.

21. What did you want to be when you were little? The President - the idea of bossing people around has always thrilled me.

22. What’s your best childhood memory? Playing on the trampoline with Nick, Rodney, and Cassidy

23. Do you always wear your seat belt? Depends on how long the taxi ride is, but yes, I usually do.

24. Do you have any pet peeves? My number one, absolute, I-really-hate-it pet peeve is when I can't get in touch with the person who has my child.

25. Favorite type of pizza? Pizza Hut, thin crust, beef'n'bacon

26. Favorite flower? Buttercup (Dandelion, but isn't Buttercup a much cuter name?)

27. Favorite ice cream? Cookies'n'Cream.

28. Have you done anything spontaneous lately? Nope. I should plan to do that soon. Wait.

29. Do you like your job? Best job I've ever had. *wink*

30. Do you like broccoli? I LOVE raw broccoli with Ranch Dressing, but I'm allergic to most raw veggies. I know, right? I tolerate cooked broccoli.

The Quote That Started It All...

I myself have twelve hats, each one representing a different personality. Why be just yourself? - Margaret Atwood