Monday, June 10, 2013

Space to Breathe

Yesterday, our pastor finished up his four-week series "Anchored" with a message on the Sabbath. It's the first time he has ever preached on that subject at our church, and I was so encouraged/convicted throughout the whole service.

He said a true Sabbath looks like this:
1. It can be any day of the week.
2. It needs to be one full day each week.
3. It can't include anything that has to do with your job or daily work.

Number 3 got me. Because, really? As a SAHM, it's incredibly difficult to have a true Sabbath, based on that criteria. 

If I don't wash the dishes today, then I will have two loads to wash tomorrow.

And if I don't cook dinner, my children won't eat.

And then there's the kajillion and one other things that I do as part of my "job" every day. There's feeding, bathing, clothing, educating, and rearing tiny people. There's also wiping, scrubbing, tidying, and de-cluttering the space in which those tiny people live.

So many of the things we SAHM's do as our daily "job" cannot be put on hold. A true Sabbath for us would be a kid-free day in a spotless house and budget for eating out. Yeah... not gonna happen.

So now I'm on a quest. A journey to create space for a Sabbath day in my life.

I'm thinking Fridays, because (during the summer, at least) that's the day Sweet Hubby is home.

It's also the day after Thursday, which is my big laundry day. (Theoretically, all of our clothes are washed, folded, and put away by the time I go to bed on Thursday nights.)

In preparation for my Friday Sabbath, maybe Thursday will also include cooking a couple good "leftover" dishes. Maybe chicken salad? Pasta salad? Anything that can be dipped out onto paper plates and count as a "healthy" meal for the kiddos?

I don't really know how this is going to look, but I am completely, utterly, willfully determined to create a Sabbath in my life.

What about you? As a SAHM (or as a working mom) how do you give yourself a Sabbath?

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