Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Facts about the girls...

Things to know about Chloe Jane these days:

1. She is all about writing her own songs these days. Her favorite word to use in said songs: Pickle. Go figure.

2. Turns out, her recent outbursts are not a result of the suspected terrible twos. Thanks to Missy, I discovered that she is, in fact, cutting her two-year molars. (Just call me "Mother of the Year" for missing all the signs.) After a couple rounds of children's tylenol/ibuprofen, she's back to her happy, albeit slightly dramatic self.

3. She is potty training. Oh, yes. So far, it has gone as well as can be expected. Yesterday, we left the house for the first time sans diaper, and we made it through the entire 90-minute playground run without incident. Things are looking up, people.

4. We are pushing the potty training right now because it looks like she will be attending preschool in the fall. She watches from our balcony window as the children load the bus each morning, and she's quite excited to be joining their ranks in a few short weeks.

5. Barbie still rules! Although Little Einsteins is giving her a run for her money.

Things to know about Maple Anne these days:

1. The girl represents the very definition of a "people person." She smiles, like, all the time, and she LUH-HUVS to be held (much to the chagrin of her mommy when dinner-cooking time rolls around).

2. She hasn't "found her thumb" yet, but she sure is trying.

3. Her eyes are now the exact same shade as her big sister's: dark, chocolate brown.

4. She loves bath time like Pooh loves honey, and she is not. very. happy. when she has to get out.

5. Her hair is still there; though it has changed from black to a dark auburn (red in the sun).


Christan said...

I can't wait to meet Maple Anne!!!

NanaB said...

Maple Anne looks just like the Butcher side of the family (my mum's family)

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