Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Best Post EVER

In the middle of the night, I woke up thinking about a blog entry that would be (and I quote) "The best post EVER!!" So I went back to sleep, determined to get up a little early so that I could compile my thoughts on the post before heading to class.

But upon awakening, I realized that, during my sleep, the topic had completely run out of my brain, across the sheets, and into the wild blue yonder.


So, if you find my poor little runaway post topic, would you please let me know?


Debbie C. said...

That is so funny, I did the exact same thing the other night. In the middle of the night I had this incredible post idea and thought about getting up and writing it down but decided I would do it in the morning; well, in the morning it was gone, HA! It seems I get alot of good ideas in the night that are gone the next day. I wonder what that means?

Brandy Thixton said...

I figure it means one of two things: it really wasn't that great of an idea, but it only seemed so in my sleep. OR. It really was a great idea, but I am losing WAY too many brain cells with my crazy-loud snoring. (My sweet hubby came up with the latter theory.)

The Quote That Started It All...

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