Friday, June 13, 2008

Day #1

I have just completed my first full day without a husband. I mean, I have a While I REALLY miss my sweet hubby, I'm also a little bit comforted... and somehow, strengthened. husband... just not in this country.

I have to say, the day was rather uneventful. Got up, played with Chloe, cleaned house, completed the lease with the new tenant, watched TV, dropped Chloe off at the grandparent's for the night, had dinner with the other grandparents, and now I'm home... safe and sound.

It wasn't too much different than my normal days 'round these parts, except for the whole missing husband thing.

Still, it showed me that, maybe I can do this.

If the Lord calls Brandon to Korea for an extended period of time (without me and Chloe) maybe I am capable of surviving.

I realize it's only been a day. I also realize that I may be singing a different tune this time next week.

But, for today, I'm rejoicing in the fact that I have made it an entire 36 hours on my own and have not had one catastrophe.

Aren't you proud?

Thank you, Lord, for sustaining all three of us during this time. Continue to give us strength and help us to lean on you. I love you, Lord!

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The Quote That Started It All...

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