Thursday, May 22, 2008

#4... oh yeeeeah

It's 1:30am on. the. dot. And I am on my third reading assignment... of 18.


So, please forgive me in the absence of a decent update in the near future.

In OTHER news, I just found out that I FOR SURE have another reader. That makes four! We're moving up the world, people... movin' on up!


Debbie C. said...

Another reader??? Sorry, does that refer to another book you have to read or something else? I've been out of school for a while - smile. Keep those posts coming, although we know you're busy - love ya!!

Brandy Thixton said...
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Brandy Thixton said...

Hehe... I guess that was confusing. I was referring to the fact that I say fairly often that I only have three people that read my blog. And I was also giving a shout-out to a friend of mine who said to me "I read your blog too, even though I never comment. So you really have FOUR readers!" It's exciting stuff, I tell ya. Exciting stuff.

Debbie C. said...

Oh, yeah, I should've known that. Yes, I am shouting with you. I think I have about four readers, too!! ;)

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