Thursday, August 7, 2008

The students are back in town, ya'll....

Strange things are goin' on in these here parts.

I stopped by my local Jittery Joe's today to order me a 16oz coffee Java Joe, and here's how it went down...

Man (over intercom speaking in strange high-pitched southern female voice): "Welcome to JJ's, PLEEEEEASE allow me to serve you."

Me (wondering if I should laugh): Ok. I'll have a 16ozcoffeeJavaJoe.

Man (in high-pitched voice): What a FABULOUS decision. That's one of my FAVORITE drinks here at JJ's. Would you like whipped cream on that?

Me: Umm... sure.

Man: Oh! How exciting! That's as good as a sugar dumplin' with a cherry on top. Just one o' the SWEETEST treats we've got. I just don't understand these people who don't get whipped cream. I mean, tell me, what IS the point of a super sweet treat if you can't whip it, don't you agree, ma'aaaaaam?

Me (doing the body-shaking but totally silent laugh): Yes.

Man: Well, you just come on 'round here and I'll wait for you while I stuff my face with these SCRUMPtious rice crispy treats. Would you like for me to have one here waitin' for you when you get here?

Me: No, thank you. The drink is just fine.

Man: Suit yourself! That's just more for me and my voluptuous figure.

Me: Drive around to window at super-slow speed, trying to compose myself before I get there.

Man (in deep, manly sexy voice): That'll be $4.25.


Man: *blank stare*

Me (handing over the money) tee hee hee hee....

Man(continuing with blank stare): Here's your drink

Me (embarrassed grin upon realizing that this may not have been the person taking my order): thank you.

Man (in high-pitched southern female voice): Now you have a FABULOUS day!

Me (driving away): BWAAAA HAHAH HAHAHA HAHA!!


Amy said...

There's a fellow who enjoys his job. Way to be, guy.

superstarr said...

You tend to come across the real weirdo's Brandy; remember Peter Pan in the elevator?--- good fun-- welcome back College Kids!

Brandy Thixton said...

Ahh... Elevator Peter Pan... I still think of him fondly.

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

That is a great story! I love people like him!

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