Friday, September 12, 2008

Things That Make You Feel Like a Jedi....

A conversation between me and Starr...
shunamite84: automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi
Superstarrfab: that is random!!
Superstarrfab: Good job
shunamite84: haha!
shunamite84: thanks
shunamite84: hehe
shunamite84: I stole it
Superstarrfab: huh?
Superstarrfab: who'd you steal that from?
shunamite8: a button on facebook
Superstarrfab: that would be a great blog
Superstarrfab: things that make you feel like a jedi
Superstarrfab: I love it!!!
shunamite84: AWESOME!
Shunamite84: we should work on it together!
Superstarrfab: we really should
shunamite84: ok
shunamite84: lets try
shunamite84: - automatic doors
shunamite84: vacuum cleaners
Superstarrfab: clap on clap off lights
shunamite84: ...
Superstarrfab: the car windows that you just push once and they keep going down
shunamite84: automatic flush toilets
Superstarrfab: good one
Superstarrfab: automatic towel dispensers
shunamite84: hehe
shunamite84: auto water spouts
Superstarrfab: I walked by one of those in the church bathroom and out popped some towels
Superstarrfab: I didn't even need one
shunamite84: haha!
shunamite84: elevators
shunamite84: maybe?
Superstarrfab: no that's good
shunamite84: electric knives make me feel that way
shunamite84: 'cause you don't even have to go back and forth
shunamite84: it's like one of their cool swords
Superstarrfab: exactly
Superstarrfab: those curvy mirrors in gas stations
Superstarrfab: I don't know why
shunamite84: um
shunamite84: curvy mirrors?
shunamite84: elaborate
Superstarrfab: you know
Superstarrfab: they're all--- I see EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING
Superstarrfab: they really are!!
shunamite84: ooo
shunamite84: good one
Superstarrfab: escalators
shunamite84: oooooo
shunamite84: better than elevators
Superstarrfab: they are awesome!
Superstarrfab: moving sidewalks
Superstarrfab: oh yeah!!
shunamite84: YEAH!
shunamite84 yo-yo's
Superstarrfab: o...kay
Superstarrfab: heehee
shunamite84: 'cause they just come right back up
Superstarrfab: yo yo's are cool
shunamite84: like you have the power to pull them into your hand
shunamite84: whatever
shunamite84: they make ME feel like a jedi
Superstarrfab: magnets
shunamite84: yeah!
shunamite84: magnets!
Superstarrfab: good!
shunamite84: the evil eye
Superstarrfab: good one!
shunamite84: it's a method of mind control, I'm pretty sure
Superstarrfab: hairy men make me think of star wars, but not jedi's
Superstarrfab: Chewy
Superstarrfab: and poofy hairy dogs
Superstarrfab: I hope you are transferring this to a blog right now!
shunamite84: totally


Angela said...

I've got a couple I can add. Automatic timers on coffee makers and DVRs. :)

Kat said...

Y'all are awesome! Multi-tasking really well makes me feel like a Jedi.

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