Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last night....

For my second post of the day ('cause I'm on a roll), allow me to present: The Perfect Evening (a.k.a.: Last Night).

1. As he walks in the door from work, Hubby takes a big whiff of this season's first pot of Chicken Stew which is just coming to a boil on the stove.

2. For 30 minutes, Hubby, Mommy, and Little Girl lie on our big bed and talk/read a book/sing.

3. Everyone sits down for dinner (did I mention it's our first pot of Chicken Stew? Yum, Yum!)

4. Chloe gets up and watches Emperor's New Groove while mommy and daddy finish dinner and have first adult conversation of the day.

5. Mommy decides Baby #2 is craving some chocolate chip cookies.

6. Hubby and Mommy decide that, in order to counteract the cookie calories, everyone will walk to the store to get the chocolate chips.

7. The Perfect Walk commences, complete with cool Fall Breeze, the smell of campfire smoke, and lightning in the distance.

8. Everyone arrives home and begins to make preparations for cookie baking.

9. Mommy helps Chloe make her first batch of cookies, while Daddy takes pictures.

10. Chloe and Mommy eat too much cookie dough and only have enough room in their bellies to share one baked cookie. Chloe announces it is too hot but tasty enough to smear all over her face.

11. Chloe kisses Daddy g'night and cuddles with Mommy a few minutes before bedtime.

12. Mommy hears Chloe pray for the first time - the sweetest moment of my life.

13. After Chloe is in bed, Mommy and Hubby cuddle on the couch with some cold milk, warm cookies, and a good movie.

14. Mommy's bedtime prayers are extra thankful.


superstarr said...

I know you guys needed that! I'm so happy you had a blessed night!

Debbie said...

That does sounds like a great night!

Christan said...

Don't you just love nights like that! ya know, where it seems like a scene from one of those perfect movies...like Father of the Bride or something like that. hmmmmm

Heather @ The Striving Wife said...

Awww, so perfect! Tears actually came to my eyes on that one... I know, I'm a sap, but whatever. I'm glad you shared. :)

Shanda said...

That's just precious...I am really loving fall myself.

Debbie C. said...

Awww, so sweet. I was wondering while you all were eating all the "dough" if you had any room left for the cookies. I don't like the dough myself, but my family sure does. Good, more cookies for me!! Thanks for sharing those precious moments.

Anonymous said...

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