Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Memorably Random...

I'm back, ya'll, and while I still don't have anything spectacular to talk about, I figure something is better than nothing.

So, I present to you (in none other than List Format) memorable and random moments of my college career:

Fall 2002: Met Christan, my new college roommate and soon-to-be lifelong friend. Before I officially met her, my mom and I *glanced* in her closet to take a gander at her clothes "to see what kind of girl she is." Yeah, can't believe I just admitted that on the internet.

Spring 2003: Discovered "Phase 10" which has forever changed my college experience.

Spring 2003: Went to class every morning in my pajamas - a cup of coffee in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Wish I had a picture...

Spring 2004: Learned that, sometimes, I know what's best for me even if it doesn't make sense. In the future, I will listen to that little voice inside...

Fall 2004: Discovered that ministry can sometimes mean watching my best friend eat crickets.

Spring 2005: Realized that Athens is home, no matter where I live.

Fall 2005: Realized that no amount of schooling could teach me as much as a day at home with my little girl.

Fall 2007: Determined that I probably need to graduate in this decade.

Fall 2007: The coffee shop girl sees me every morning and asks, "Daddy's favorite today?" - which I interpret to mean, "Large Dark Roast with a Shot of Cinnamon and Room for Cream?" - my dad's favorite coffee, and my regular order - a fact I may have mentioned to her on a previous occasion.

Fall 2007: Met Peter Pan in the elevator...seriously... oh, did I mention it was Halloween?

Spring 2008: Found a nook in the library which remains, to this day, my favorite study spot on campus... ESPECIALLY during a thunderstorm!

Spring 2008: Realized that I REALLY hated my major, and decided to change with only two semesters to go before graduation. My adviser blank-stared me for a full minute when I told him. I think that meeting really made him happy (note the sarcasm, please).

Spring 2008: Stood in the rain a full 7 minutes because I forgot my umbrella...was in my hand.

Summer 2008: Thought a student in front of me was going to poke me in the eye with his pencil when I said, "The U.S. should have an alliance with Israel. Bush is right." (Note to self: Do not discuss International Affairs in International Affairs Class.)

Summer 2008: Did not open my mouth again in said class until the day before the exam, when I said, "I'll bring cookies if everybody will come to study group." Needless to say, I was quite popular at study group.

Fall 2008: Met masculine man with feminine voice at Jittery Joe's. Still not sure what that was about...

Yesterday 2008: Tripped over my own two feet and almost fell flat on my face. Caught myself before more than my pride was hurt. Wanted to punch petite blondie who laughed. Bring it on, Barbie! (Ended up laughing right along with her... you know, 'cause I'm cool like that.)

Today 2008: Finally got nailed in the back of my head with a racquetball. I had it comin', ya'll, I had it comin'.

So, there you have it. Memorably Random Moments of the good ol' college variety. What are some of you favorite moments in high school/college?


superstarr said...

Good times, good times, I don't know that this blog makes me yearn for college-- I don't know that it was supposed too.

Shanda said...

"Realized that no amount of schooling could teach me as much as a day at home with my little girl."
Me too, me too. I haven't finished college, because I chose to stay home with my daughter. Then I was divorced, I went back for a bit. Then when husband died, I bowed out again. Now I'm planning to go back fulltime next year.
I,too, would like to graduate in this decade, but it just might not happen.

Oh, and we had ping pong in collge. Serious ping pong.

My daughter LOVES Phase 10!

Kat said...

That's the best blog I've read in a while. I laughed out loud at your "bring it on Barbie" comment. Ha! Thanks for sharing...

Debbie C. said...

Memorable moments, well, I loved cheerleading, it was a blast. I also loved Bible classes (I went to a Bible college in PA), I loved making friends and keeping them, even 29 years later! Wow, I really am old - ha! Loved your post!

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