Saturday, March 7, 2009

Halted by sweet temptation...

Mom is here. Virus is gone. Life is good again.

At this very moment, Sweet Hubby is playing basketball in the church's new gym (about a 30 second walk from our front door), Chloe and Grandma are playing "Cinderella" in Chloe's room. And I? I am curled up on the couch surfing blogs and watching the apparent shifting of tectonic plates in my abdomen. Oh wait, that's not an earthquake - it's just that little one moving around in there.

She has become particularly active this week, and it's kind of fun because I no longer have to tell Hubby "put your hand here, just so, and you might be able to feel her." Now, all he has to do is look and see my entire belly full of life and movement. Lots of fun, my friends, lots of fun.

This might go down as the shortest post ever. But I just remembered there are ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. Mmmm...

I'm pretty sure the baby needs one of those.

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Starr said...

Oh Brandy, I wish I could see that little girl moving around.. that's so amazing!!

I hope your enjoying your time with your mom... and those ice cream sandwiches. If I was there I would steal one out of your freezer... even though I think you would give me one freely.

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