Monday, March 2, 2009

How mommy got her groove back... or not

As I opened this little bloggy page, I breathed a deep sigh of relief. Ahhh... internet, at last. As you may have read on my previous post, we have actually had it for a couple days, but I chose to spend my time emailing relatives (to assure them that, no, we are not dead) and to get as caught up as possible on all the fabulous excitement I have missed in bloggerland.

Now that I have my virtual feet under me again, I shall begin...

First, allow me to remind you that Sweet Hubby has started his own blog over here. Quite frankly, his writing is probably a lot more informative regarding culture, food, etc. Plus, it includes all sorts of fun videos and pictures of our journey thus far.

Having said that... I shall continue as best I can.

You see, I'm having a difficult time starting this post. My instinct is to tell you everything - apartment, grocery store, first taxi ride, snow, language barrier, culture, church, parenting styles.... I could go on, my friends.

But all of that cannot be summed up in one little entry.

So, I've decided to just start from today:

About 1am, as I was heading to bed, my little one woke up with her first ever stomach flu. Honestly, it's not as bad as it could be, and I am just praying that it will stay that way (and that Hubby and I can avoid the germs). She is fine (don't worry, grandparents) and I'm sure it will all pass soon. I just have to remember that with all the new food, new places, and new people... there also come new germs.

In addition to just feeling bad for my pitiful little girl, this illness could not have come at a worse time. I had meetings scheduled every day this week as I prepare for English classes to start next week. Also, my mom is coming in from the states on Friday, and I was hoping to have some time to find fun things for us to do while she's here. But alas, between the snow fall outside and the germs flowing inside, I believe all of my planning has been for naught. I'm not too stressed though. Everything will get done in its time.

Baby #2 is doing just fine and dandy. Following in her sister's footsteps, she is measuring large. Hence, my due date has been moved up by 5 days. May 20th, folks. It's not too far away. So I've just started my third trimester, and this pregnancy seems easier than the first (at this stage). Sure, I'm uncomfortable - especially since Koreans believe their beds should be as hard as bricks and as uncomfortable as splintered wood - but things are not unbearable yet.

Ok, so chalk this up as the most boring post ever. It's a little difficult getting back in the groove - especially when sleep deprived.

So, I'll throw it back at'cha: is there anything in particular that you want to read about? Any questions? Comments? Random bits of trivia?

I'll do my best to be more interesting next time.

With love, from Korea.


Christan said...

Tell us how a typical day in the life of Brandy Thixton plays out! Love ya Girl!

superstarr said...

Good to have a post to read from you. Well, you know me... I'm very interested in food, and concerned about what kind of grocery options you have. I would love some pics from the grocery store there, and maybe one from the inside of your fridge. Oh, how I would love to explore your pantry... heeeheeee--- this is why you love me, right?

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