Monday, March 23, 2009

My goal for today... don't complain.

After starting and restarting this post about four times, I am realizing that it is difficult to talk about the last trimester of pregnancy without a loooong list of complaints. About four days ago, the baby "dropped down" causing things to become a leeeeetle...uncomfortable. I am ashamed to admit that, aside from a couple loads of laundry and a small dinner, I did not leave my couch yesterday.

Then I looked at my calendar.

I still have eight weeks to go, my friends. Eight weeks. So, I have decided (mostly because I don't have a choice) to grin, bear it, and get on with life. Hence, despite being awakened at 5am by said uncomfortable-ness, I am about to get my rear off this couch, get dressed, throw on a load of laundry, pick up toys, wash dishes, dress my toddler, and walk to the store - all in a (I'm afraid) feeble attempt to be good and finished by nap time. Just call me super mom... or super idealistic mom, at least.

So, for the sake of not complaining (my one and only true goal for the day), allow me to list for you all the things I love about being pregnant.

1. I love the excuses. :) I know that sounds terrible, but I have been able to get out of more than one late-night meeting or uncomfortable dinner party by simply saying (quite truthfully) that I am just too plain exhausted. Because I'm pregnant, no one questions it. Good stuff.

2. I love the feeling of my baby moving inside. As much as I want to meet her face-to-face, I love knowing that she is safe and warm and protected from most of the dangers that will also meet her face-to-face the day she is born. I love knowing that, at least for a short time, I get to be her safe place.

3. I love new baby things! There's something about getting that first pair of booties or that first little outfit that makes my heart go aflutter. Doesn't really matter if it's brand spakin' new or a lightly used hand-me-down, just holding the clothes that will soon be wrapped around my little one is a very exciting moment.

4. I love my pregnant body. I know that's weird, and maybe even TMI for some people. But there is a sense of empowerment when I look in the mirror and realize that I'm SUPPOSED to look like a pumpkin. For perhaps the only time in my life, I am the exact shape I am supposed to be. That's a really cool feeling.

5. I love the peace of a second pregnancy. My first pregnancy was wrought with fears and worries - particularly regarding my ability to actually BE a mom and RAISE a child. But since my first little one is at least healthy and mostly happy, I'm not too worried about our ability to give our second the same health and happiness. I love being able to look forward to our future and get excited (not nervous) about what's in store.

So that's it for now. My list of why I like being pregnant. Here at the beginning of the most uncomfortable eight weeks of my life, this is a good reminder to be thankful and not complain.

Toodle pip!

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Christan said...

Soo Sweet, I actually liked being pregnant too...until those last few weeks it is. It gets rough....I know. I love you so much and Joey & I are praying for our missionary friends!!!

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