Friday, March 27, 2009

My week in a list....

There's not too much to talk about today. Well, that's not true. There's lots to talk about. But creative energy? There's not too much of that. So, for sheer lack of effort, here are the highlights of our week, in list format:

1. Went to the doctor.
Baby is still measuring quite large. Doc is not too concerned right now, but if she's still getting too big at my next appointment (in three weeks) then he will start monitoring her on a weekly basis and potentially induce if the size thing gets out of hand.
Baby is also officially "in position" for the big event. While this makes my life a weeeeeeee bit uncomfortable, I'm also very glad we're not dealing with any complications in that area. Also: she apparently has so much hair that it showed up on the ultrasound. This is VERY exciting and different for her parents and big sister who were all bald until the age of two.

2. Ate a for-REALZ hamburger and steak fries for dinner one night. Yeah, baby, that was AWESOME. We took a trip to Seoul on Thursday and met up with our American friend Ansley who took us to a fantabulous restaurant near her place. This might have to be a monthly trip, my friends. I can't remember the last time a beef patty tasted so scrumptious.

3. Ansley spent a couple nights with us. This was a lot of fun. With all the broken English and "Konglish" that we must speak in order for folks around here to understand us, it's nice to be able to speak some plain ol' English (complete with y'all's, ain't's, and yonder's) with someone who understands! Brandon and I probably talked her ear off the entire time, but I think fun was had by all.

4. We got a baby swing!! This is the second-to-last thing on my "big items" list for the baby. Because it is more expensive to ship these large items from the states than it is to just buy new ones here, we have been quite concerned that our budget would be completely eaten up with baby stuff. However, we got a bed for almost nothing. It will arrive by the end of April. And this lovely swing?
$50.00 y'all. It's used, but only slightly. An American couple on the military base bought it for their little one who only used it a few times simply because he didn't like it. I'm SOOOOO very excited. The only item we have left is the Ergo baby carrier which is absolute necessity in this part of the world where strollers just aren't practical.

5. I found Japchae noodles at the grocery store! I have been wanting to try my hand at cooking this yummy Korean dish for some time now, but I can't ever seem to find the noodles. So *woot*! I can't wait to make some Korean comfort food for our family!

So that's pretty much it. Brandon's classes are all going very well. His Saturday School kids had a lock-in last night. Chloe, Ansley, and I all went and watched him do his thing. Very entertaining.

I have been reading a REALLY awesome book recently. But that topic shall be reserved for another post. Perhaps the next one? We shall see. We shall.

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Beloved of the Lord said...

I'm so glad you got a hamburger and some english talk. Love ya!

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