Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"He works all things together for good..."

The last few days have held a flurry of activity in our little home. Sunday night, I started having some fairly regular contractions, and though they had stopped by early Monday morning, they apparently set some things into motion that shouldn't be set for at least another three weeks. After a couple days of waiting and a rather panicked trip to the doctor, it was determined that a couple days of bed rest should put a halt to any further developments. So, here I am, snuggled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea (ok, so it's coffee... but tea sounds so much more sophisticated, don't you think?) a couple good books, and of course, my trusty laptop.

I have been a little concerned all along about the potential of going into labor before my mom arrives. She was/is scheduled to fly into Seoul on May 15, since my due date was/is May 20. But throughout this pregnancy, the baby has measured big and things have consistently happened about a month before they did with my first pregnancy. So I have spent many a sleepless night thinking about the best scenario for our "Plan B," should this little one decide to grace us with her presence earlier than expected.

This has actually been a fairly major worry (and prayer) of mine for the last month or so: What will happen to Chloe if I go into labor before my mom gets here?

We have things in place. Bags are packed. Samonims are on alert. We have an "emergency ride" to the hospital. We have one Samonim who will come over if I go into labor in the middle of the night, and a different Samonim who will come get Chloe if I go in the middle of the day.

Plus, the hospital is a quick 7 minute taxi ride from our home; so once the baby is here, Brandon will be able to come back and care for her (or at least check on her) fairly often.

So I know her physical needs will be met. She will have clothes to wear and food to eat. She will have somewhere to sleep and someone to care for her.

But it's the emotional stuff for which I have been concerned...the little things that make such a huge difference to a two-year-old who is away from family. Can I tell them that she likes peanut butter and bread for breakfast? Or that she has to have her "cloud blanket, big baby, and little baby" in the bed with her when she goes to sleep? Or that Goodnight Moon is her favorite bedtime book?

How will she react when I have to leave her with the Samonim? Will she cry? Will she be worried? Will she be able to communicate her needs to women who barely speak English?

These are the things for which I have spent much time praying. I realize that many of these things are out of my control; and so I must place her into the hands of her Abba.

But this week, I have felt the Lord's grace towards me as a mom. Yesterday, with all its ups and downs, served as a bit of a trial run for labor. I woke up in the morning and, after taking stock of the situation, decided that I would try to leave for the hospital in less than an hour. Brandon called his people, and I called mine. Forty-five minutes later, three Samonims showed up at my door - two to get Chloe, and one to offer translation for me at the hospital. Because of a time conflict, I ended up going to the hospital by myself, but not before walking Chloe upstairs to Samonim's house to see how she would do. I explained to her that mommy had to go visit the doctor and that she was going to stay and play with the other children. She was hesitant at first, but after some bribing in the form of sugary sweets, I was able to leave her (cookie in hand) playing happily with the other children. The whole "good-bye" took less than 2 minutes.

When I arrived home from the hospital (a trip that took a little more than an hour) our senior pastor's wife had already prepared a meal for our family so that I could rest the remainder of the day.

And since I am on bed rest for another 36 hours, the Samonims have divided up shifts to take care of Chloe for me. Again, I didn't know how Chloe would react when one of them showed up at my door this morning to take her to church, but she quickly sat down, put on her shoes, strapped on her backpack, and headed out the door without so much as a "goodbye, mommy."

I was and am so relieved.

I realize there is no substitute for mommy... or daddy... or grandma.... But at least I know she will be ok. She will manage and may even be happy, should I go into labor early.

So with all the stress and concern that happened this week, I see the Lord's hand calming my mommy-heart. He is taking care of Chloe Jane, and He will continue to do so when I am not there to see it.

Welp, I'm off to fold some clothes. It's the only real housework I can do while still sitting on the couch. Good thing I have three baskets-full that need my attention.

Wishing everyone a great day and evening. Toodle pip.


Kathryn said...

Wow, a trial run. How cool that you got to see Chloe's reaction without it being the actual labor and delivery! God is good.

Starr said...

Sounds like God is preparing chloe by having you already need the help from these other moms. Go God!!

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