Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired...

The past few days have filled our house with sniffles, snorts, coughs, and sneezes as the worst cold/flu of 2009 swept through. Sweet Hubby somehow avoided this nasty bug, but sadly Chloe and I were not spared its cruelty. We are still fighting it, but the fever has broken and the end is in sight, my friends.

What really stinks about this cold is its timing. This week has brought the most beautiful weather we have seen since moving to Korea. Our windows stay open 24/7, and the warm spring breeze taunts me as I blow my nose for the 2,635,709th time.

However, I won't complain any longer about the timing because it just so happens that as this flu bug restricted me to the couch for several days, two Very Exciting packages came in the mail just For Me!

The first arrived on Wednesday as a birthday gift from my friend Christan. This girl knows me so well that she bought me the one and only gift on this earth that I desperately wanted even though I didn't know it existed: Multiple Blessings by the fabulous Kate Gosselin (from Jon & Kate plus 8) This is absolutely my favorite show on TV these days, and I have been having serious withdrawals from this not-so-little family since I cannot get it (on TV or online) here in Korea. But who knew that there was a BOOK out there telling the "behind-the-scenes" story? Christan, that's who. And she sent it to me! *woot*

Any other time, this book would have lasted me a good week or two as I would try to squeeze it in between our normal daily activities. However, due to the flu's ability to keep me on the couch for hours on end, I finished this book in 24 hours. No worries though, I plan to read it again in the near future... and this time I'll try to make it last at least 2 days. Promise.

But that's not all, folks. This morning, I got yet ANOTHER box in the mail. This one, from my wonderful stepdad, contained THREE books for my reading pleasure!! Woo hoo!!!

I started reading one of them this afternoon, but I shall leave those titles and reviews for another post. Still, I am SO excited to have something to read other than on-line American newspapers.

In other news, the pregnancy is coming along splendidly. She is still measuring large, but not so large as to really worry the doctor. I go to get ultrasounds every two weeks just to make sure she's not in any distress, but so far we're good as gold.

There are more things to write, but VeggieTales just went off. So I'm off to find other low-key entertainment for my sick toddler (and myself).

Happy Easter!

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