Monday, April 27, 2009

Life starts again...

So I suppose this will be the norm for a little while - this whole only blogging enough to not feel like a total loser, but not quite often enough to call myself a true "blogger." Such is life.

The Flu Disaster of 2009 has finally passed. I cross my fingers and toes while knocking on wood as I type that statement because it seems like every time I say something like that, that nasty bug comes back with a vengeance. But, three weeks, two doctor's visits, and a busted eardrum later, I think I can finally say "goodbye" to all that has held me back over the last 20 days.

Actually, it's been fading into a memory for two or three days now. But because I have been sitting on my bedonka-donk for three week, my house (quite literally) was starting to fall apart at the seams. I still have a couple days' work before I can consider myself "caught up," but at least we're back in the "livable" phase of housework.

But I can't completely blame the Flu and the Housework for my lack of posts. As I have mentioned before, I really feel as if the Lord is using this time in Korea to teach me about the Hidden Things. As much as I would like to tell you that I am discovering "hidden things" in the Word and in Him, that's not so much what this lesson has been about (so far?).

This lesson has been about my hidden things - the areas in my heart and life that probably aren't designed to be shared with the world. I've been in this "seminar" long enough to know that there are things in my life and in my relationship with the Lord that are intended to remain private, secret, and even hidden. However, I haven't been here long enough to actually learn what those things are.

Wow. I don't think I've ever written a more vague paragraph in my life.

Basically, here's where it's at: Until I know what should be discussed, I might not be discussing much. Sorry in advance.

However, despite this new lesson in privacy, I have decided to blog about an area that I have always to considered too private for the likes of my public blog: my weight.

That's right, y'all. I'm putting it alll out there. Ok. Well. Maybe not alll... like, um, my actual weight. Yeah, if I ever punch those numbers into the keyboard, you can assume my mind has been captured by miniature space invaders. Send help.

What I will write about is my next phase in life - the phase I like to call the "Finally Taking Care of Myself" phase. To Be Continued...


Starr said...

Okay, misses 'Hardly gained anything at all during this pregnacy!' You are doing great, but I'm looking forward to hearing about your plans and ideas. Recipes would be great, and pointers.
Love ya!

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