Monday, May 4, 2009

Goodnight Moon

Currently working on some videos regarding the weight issue. Hoping to have the first one posted by the end of the week, partly because I work better with deadlines, and partly because this Friday...

My mom is coming! Woo hoo!!!

Went to the doctor today to measure ye little one, and even the good doc seemed surprised as he said, "She's almost 4 kilos!" After about 10 seconds with my handy-dandy unit conversion tool, I gasped as I saw "4 kilograms = 8.66 pounds." Thinking that, surely, there must be some mistake (maybe she just has an abnormally large femur?), he sent me across the hall to the 3-D ultrasound. The technician measured all the "little" parts - torso, arms, legs, head, etc - and sure enough, I'm apparently carrying a baby that is, in fact, part Shamu.

Seeing as how I'm still two weeks out from my due date, he was a little nervous about inducing "before she's ready". But I will go back next Monday to reevaluate and possibly meet my sweet bundle of joy sometime next week.

Hence, my mother's early arrival.

In the meantime, I'm trying to take long walks and do all the things that the internet swears will "naturally" induce labor. I'm pretty sure there's some grand scam where the people who design those web sites skulk around with hidden cameras trying to catch 9-month pregnant women jumping rope and crying from the hot pepper she just forced down her now-inflamed esophagus.

Not that I've actually done any of those things...

Welp, it's bed time for my little one; so I suppose I should go tuck her in. I find myself a little saddened? No, sentimental over the changes about to happen in her little world. Only a few more nights as "the baby," and the only child.

I'm not worried for her, and I know the blessings of a little sister will far outweigh any negative reactions that may occur over the next few weeks.

Like I said, I'm just feeling a little sentimental.

Ok. It's way past her bedtime; so I'm off to change a diaper and read "Goodnight Moon."

Goodnight nobody. Goodnight air.


Starr said...

There's a baby coming!!! I'm so excited!! I only wish I could be there!!

Kathryn said...

That was my favorite book as a child. I still have it. Neither of my kids liked it as much as I did. Glad to hear the sweet little Chloe does. I felt really sentimental about Sam when I was pregnant with Will. I remember swinging with her on my lap when I was pregnant (how'd I do that?) and I remember thinking this might be the last time we do this before the new baby. I cried a little, too. Now, of course, Sam and Will are best, best buds and I wouldn't change a thing. Enjoy the time with your mom and congratulations on the soon-to-be new arrival. Chloe is going to be a GREAT big sister. I'm so exited for her. Love you all.

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