Friday, May 29, 2009

This is the day that the Lord has made... and I will rejoice and be glad that it's over!

Yeah, it was another rough day, hormonally and emotionally speaking. It started out well enough. Grandpa, Grandma, and Chloe all got up early and headed to Dunkin Donuts to grab breakfast and some treats for the nurses at the hospital.

Why give donuts to the nurses, you ask? One reason might be that nurses are simply good people who deserve things like donuts. Another reason might be that gift-giving is big in Korean culture (as we have learned recently), and yummy food of any kind is always an appropriate gift. But I think, perhaps, the best reason is that many of these particular nurses (especially those in labor and delivery) may or may not have been abused and even assaulted by a certain American patient during her labor.

So while Grandma, Grandpa, and Chloe were out purchasing the thank-you-for-a-job-well-done-and-I'm-really-sorry-I-screamed-at-you gifts, I jumped up, showered, dressed, made arrangements for the parents to meet our senior pastor, gave Maple her first in-tub bath (yay! for no more umbilical cord!), and dressed her for her first for-reals doctor's appointment. I was so thrilled at all I had accomplished because, quite frankly, until this morning, getting off the couch without injury was a great feat. But this morning, after a day of nothing but couch-time yesterday and a great night with Maple, I felt like dancing! Ok...more like shuffling around very carefully so as not to aggravate anything. Still, I was feelin' pretty darn good.

So mom and I jumped in a cab (or gingerly eased into one) and headed to the doctor's office. We arrived and handed out the donuts and then proceeded to get Maple ready for her exam, only to be called immediately into my doctor's office. Due to certain language barriers, there had been a mix up. This was not Maple's appointment; this was my appointment.

He needed to check "the stitches."

I wanted to cry.

Sure enough, when all was said and done, I felt like I had taken one step forward and three steps back. I had walked into that office FINALLY feeling a LITTLE like myself (you know, the one who can move without wincing), but I walked out of there slowly, carefully, and in a lot of pain (a.gain.)

From that point on, the day just kind of spiraled down.

In the afternoon... a meeting was set, cancelled, then rescheduled. Chloe was in a defiant mood which led to a spanking (something she hasn't needed in quite a while). Maple was gassy again (darn you, small bowl of cereal with just a touch of cow's milk!) And I was in pain. Quite a bit.

Add to that the hormonal chaos of a woman who just gave birth, and it all ends in one two-hour emotional breakdown the likes of which have never been seen in our peaceful Korean home. Sheesh.

But after a good long cry, a few apologies, and a short nap, things have evened out a bit.

I still feel super weepy, but I'm keeping it in check... for now.

But the great thing about a day like today is just that -- it is a day. One day. And now, as the sun has set and bedtime is approaching, I can look forward to tomorrow... which is not today... because today is over... because it's only one day... and tomorrow is another day... which is a song, I think... or a famous quote... which is a true statement either way.

Tomorrow is another day.


NanaB said...

I remember the stitches I had after Brandon was born. Absolutely no fun, but like everything else, that too shall be a passing memory. Praying for everything to settle down quickly for you very soon. Miss you all; love you and can't wait to see Maple Anne someday.

Anonymous said...

You should immediately place "Gone With The Wind" on your reading list. It is a "must read" for every true Southern Belle. Even the well-traveled ones.

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