Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Housekeeping and other stuff...

Ok, first for a bit of blogger housekeeping. We are having some issues with our digital camera, but updated pictures will be on their way shortly. Secondly, a new video is already up. No, silly, not here. Nope, not there either. Hubby and I have decided that, rather than spreading the joy all over the internet (via our blogs, youtube, facebook, etc.) we are going to give "the girls" their own blog where we can post all of their new info, pictures, and videos over there.

So, without further ado, we present A Quiver Full (thixton.blogspot.com).

For all the aunts, uncles, and grands who are looking for updated stuff, you can check in on that blog periodically. Or, better yet, you can subscribe to said blog and receive email notifications when new stuff is posted! Yippee!! So head on over, and check it out.

Ok... now that the air is clear and the dust bunnies are gone, lets continue.

These first few days postpartum have been like a dream. Physically, I am exhausted and sore and in such a condition that I am forced to lie down for most of the day because sitting or standing for any decent length of time simply isn't an option.

Emotionally? I'm not sure I can describe the emotions. With my first one, the first few weeks only felt chaotic. We had people at our house for hours every day. Chloe had issues latching on; so almost every attempt at feeding ended in tears (from one or both of us). I was so uncertain about how to do anything; so every little thing - from changing diapers to giving a bath - felt overwhelming and dangerous. I loved my little one, of course. But I felt so incapable as a mother, it was difficult to find the joy in the situation, at least at the beginning.

This time has been so different. Our home is quiet and peaceful. Maple is all business when it comes to eating; so, unlike the marathon night-time feeding sessions I remember, these only take about 15 minutes, and then she's out like a light for another two or three hours. During the day, she has "quiet alert" times when she is content to lie in her bed and look out the window, or ride in her swing and stare at the mobile, or snuggle with one of us and coo as we talk and sing. And though I'm a little rusty, all of the "baby tasks" have started coming back to me. It's like riding a bike, I suppose.

Our worst enemies right now are the hiccups and gas. If we can find a magical formula to get those two things under control, we'll be as good as gold. So far, the best remedy I have found for both of our problems is found in the Ergo baby carrier that my friend Christan bought for me. It lets Maple to sleep upright, and snuggled next to me or daddy. This allows all the stomach stuff to settle while still giving us free reign to work or, you know, write a blog post.

Honestly, I keep waiting for the "drowsy newborn" stage to pass and the "real" routine to emerge. But we're going on day five, and everything seems to simply fit into place.

After such a difficult delivery, I feel the Lord's grace in the ease and peace that has fallen over our house over the last few days. Brandon and I feel so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy girls who have been entrusted to us.

This is the life, folks. This is the life.

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Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I just LOVE hearing all the details! :) :) :)

Glad you're going to get to blog more now that the baby is here!!!

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