Monday, May 11, 2009

This is the life...

It is 10:34am in Cheonan, South Korea and things are humming along in my little home. Already this morning...

1. Blueberry pancakes were cooked and served with REAL butter and syrup.
2. Breakfast dishes were washed, dried, and put away.
3. A whole chicken was put on to boil for tonight's chicken stew dinner.
4. Daughter was entertained with play-doh at a play date.
5. Blog-reading was caught up and thoroughly enjoyed (uninterrupted!)

Can you pick out which of those five things I actually did myself?

If you guessed #5, you would be correct.

My mother, who arrived four days ago, was up before the sun this morning, studying the Korean alphabet. (Why I couldn't inherit this morning-person gene, I will always wonder.) Not too long after Chloe and I awoke, she hopped out of bed and cooked breakfast for our entire family. After cleaning up breakfast and starting on supper, she pulled out the play-doh and has been entertaining my daughter for the last 45 minutes while I sip coffee, catch up on blogs, and read the news.

A girl could get used to this life.

In other news, I went back to the doctor yesterday. As of last week, the baby was measuring an estimated 8.5lbs. The last several times I have gone, his instructions are always, "Come back next week, and we will talk about inducing." I guess he picked up on the fact that I'd rather not induce; so each week (after acting quite appalled at the size of this baby) he says the same thing. "Come back next week, and we will talk about inducing."

This week, it was a little different. "Any time you ask, we can induce; but I don't want to wait more than two weeks."

I feel a bit relieved that there isn't pressure to induce early. On the other hand, I am so very uncomfortable, it would have been nice to have a medical professional tell me "This baby needs to come out now!" Two weeks feels like a really long time...

So it's a waiting game, I suppose. If at some point, things become too uncomfortable (or if my complaining becomes too unbearable for the other members of my household), I might give in and head to the hospital for an induction. For right now, I'm taking it a day at a time. So... we won't induce today.

Now that my mom is here, and I have more time on my hands, I DO plan on having the first video up soon. Seriously. Not joking this time. It will be soon. Soon.

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