Thursday, April 23, 2009

More excuses...

So this whole flu thing has taken several twists and turns before finally landing me with the worst sinus headache I've ever had. This is day 3 of said pain. Each time I think it's gone, when I think I might finally be able to get some things done (i.e. clean, go outside, blog), it just comes right back like a bad enchilada. Ew. Sorry for the visual there.

Since I assume you have no interest in reading about the ins and outs of a nasty sinus infection for which there appears to be no relief, I shall end this rather pitiful excuse for a post rather quickly.

As soon as I have regained control of my senses (and my sinuses) I shall return for bigger and better updates.


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The Quote That Started It All...

I myself have twelve hats, each one representing a different personality. Why be just yourself? - Margaret Atwood