Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5: The wrench in my hustle

I'm starting to get why we were instructed to pick only one thing. Today ends with two of my three items completed - blogging and Jesus time.

How fitting that today Jon Acuff told us to focus on the "When" of our goals - on a large and small scale.

He specifically recommended that we circle the "problem" days we might anticipate for the month, and work out a plan for those days.

Clearly, I need this.

I know already that my "problem" days are days that my husband is home (weekends, holidays, etc.).

I guess I should clarify that my husband is not the problem. It's simply that when he's home, things relax a little. And that fact, I don't want to change.

I love that we all sleep a little later, and ease into our day, and cook a big breakfast, and spend time outside (if it's nice weather) or playing family games on the Wii (if it's bad weather). I love days that he is home, but I also recognize that those are usually the days that I miss my quiet time, spend little-to-no time on my blog, and only exercise if it's part of our family plan (like walking around Shelby Farms or the zoo.)

When I think about the changes I want to see happen in 2014, I recognize that - in the long run - I probably will not blog on days when he's off work. I probably will not spend an hour or more working out at the gym. But "Jesus time" is a must every day.

And I have committed to doing all three, everyday, for 30 days. It's a season of hustle and push and stretch, and so I am committed to figuring out how to do it.

Once again, I think the answer is going to be found in the mornings.

We take turns "sleeping in" on alternate Saturday mornings. So I think my plan is to treat my "get-up-with-the-kids" Saturday like any other day, and try to get up 1.5 hours before anyone else does. That way I can go ahead and knock out my three items before the day even gets good and started.

On my "I-get-to-sleep-in" Saturdays, when I normally get to sleep until 9am, I will go ahead and get up at 8am in order to at least spend some time with Jesus and get in 30 minutes of exercise (the blogging part can happen in the evening after the kiddos are in the bed). Sure, I'm giving up an extra hour of sleep, but 8am is still 2.5 hours more sleep than what I would normally get during the week.

I am determined to figure this out. I want it all. Consistency. Energy. Character. Quality.

I want the patience and joy and vision that comes from spending time with my Jesus.

I want the energy and clarity and sense of accomplishment that comes with exercising.

I want the discipline and creative flow that comes with writing every day.

And I want to have ALL of those things without neglecting my house, my children, my husband, or my relationships.

It's 9:39pm. Nine minutes past my self-imposed bedtime, and only 21 minutes until my self-imposed "lights out" time.

G'night all. 5:30am comes early. Let's hustle!

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