Friday, January 31, 2014

January Recap

So here it is, the end of January, and what do I have to show for my month?

1. I am officially 10 lbs down. A kajillion pounds to go.

But more than that, I have learned that exercise can be fun, and that my entire life is healthier if I can squeeze a little activity into my days.

2. I have blogged 18 times in January, all the while asking: why did I commit to this?

And ultimately, I have decided that somewhere, at some time, someone will have a story that needs to be told. And when that place and time and person show up on my doorstep, I want to have my craft so finely honed that I am capable of telling that story to the masses. Or to just a few. Or to whomever is supposed to read it. In the meantime, I am recording our days. Taking time to remember the beautiful moments and process the difficult ones.

3. I have spent time with Jesus almost everyday.

With this part of the "hustle" especially, if it doesn't happen in the early morning (even if it's while the kids are eating cereal watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) then it won't happen at all that day. Also, it's like taking a vitamin. I may not notice a huge difference if I miss one day, but after two or three or four days, I feel weak and tired and out of sorts. Regardless, He is with me, and He's always waiting to sit and have coffee the next morning.

4. February is a-comin'. Tomorrow. And I'm ready to build on what I have already "hustled" in January.

5.  I have signed on for a second month of "Hustle" with Jon Acuff. If you have some goals for this year - be they big or small - can I encourage you to do this? You get daily emails from Jon with specific instructions that help you achieve your goals, plus an awesome online community of encouragers and dreamers (via facebook). Do it! Now. Seriously. Sign ups end today. This is not a request.

6. We got our YMCA membership yesterday; so my "30 minutes of daily movement" will increase to "30 minutes of movement 4 days a week, AND 1 hour of movement at the Y, 3 days a week." My goal is still "fun" here. So I'm looking at classes and swimming and any machine that will give me 1 hour of uninterrupted TV time (hello, bike!)

7. I will continue my daily quiet times, but would like to add some extra time once a week (preferably on my Sabbath) to just be. Quietly listening. Worshipping. Whatever. I want to set aside weekly time with no agenda except to sit at His feet.

8. I think I found a good blogging rhythm (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). But I want to work on "batching" my writing and planning my topics and posts in advance.

Then there are a couple new hustles that will get added this month....

9. House and home. Did I mention we are moving in the next few months? We don't know exactly when or where yet, but I want to get every area in my house organized and cut down to the necessities. More on this later.

10. Family. Wife to my husband. Mother to my kids. I want part of my February hustle to focus on these relationships. It won't be huge or life-changing (it can't be, with everything else that's going on this month), but it will be intentional and life-giving.

So that's it. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how January has gone down. Here's to February and new goals and small changes that bring big results. Hustle on, my friends.

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