Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life in Pictures

I was flipping through my phone pictures today and was overwhelmed with nostalgia and gratefulness. I love these little snapshots of our life here in Memphis...
Penelope caught RSV over the holidays. This was Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd), right after treatment in the ER. She's just chillin' like nothing's wrong. Crazy cute kid.
Thanks to an awesome craigslist find, I officially have an Exepedit bookcase from Ikea, solidifying my title as a homeschool mom.
Right now, I'm diving into a couple books for our church's spring Connect Groups. But once I'm done with those, this will be waiting. I'm stoked.
This Christmas was the "Year of the Scarf." I think I got seven, and I LOVE them all. This is one of my favorites. Yum.
We got sick of paying to have the dog washed and groomed. So we "hired" our kids to do it. The whole idea totally grosses me out, and the girls get a real bath as soon as it's done. But, they love it. And the dog loves it. And I love not paying $45 for a dog bath.
This is my Maple Anne helping hand out bikes on our church's Big Serve Day. It's blurry because she couldn't be still. She bubbles over with excitement, and I'm hooked.
And these are her healthy eyes. The very ones we prayed for while she was in the hospital with an unknown infection. God is good.
Singing in the kitchen. "Let It Go."
Do you see all those dark specks in the sky? Those are birds. Check out the left hand horizon. Do you see how the line of birds go on and on and on? It's like nothing I've ever seen before, like a river of birds that flows over our house for about 20 minutes every day around 4:30pm. Crazy birds.
If I ever can't find my Chloe Jane, I start looking in one of her many "reading corners." My little introvert loves her some quiet space and a good book. Near and dear to my heart on so many levels.
Random, crazy, beautiful moments that make up our days. It all goes so fast sometimes.


Amanda Maxon said...

Beautiful! I might have to "steal" this idea ;)

Jessica said...

These are wonderful and such a great way to share life with us. Thank you for that.

And I.need.that.book.


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