Sunday, January 26, 2014

Small Victories

Last week, I went to get some size 4T blue jeans out of Maple's drawer so she could have something decent to wear to the playground.

First, her drawer was so packed full, I had to smush the clothes down just to open it. Then, I pulled out a pair of jeans with holes in the knees. Then a second pair, with holes in the knees. Then, I pulled out a third pair of jeans, with a broken zipper. I stuffed all three pair back in the drawer, and decided to opt for a pair of leggins.

That night, I went to find some pj's for Chloe. And the same thing happened. Overstuffed drawers, holy mismatched pajamas (batman!).


Then. I went into their rooms, where I saw their laundry baskets, overflowing with dirty clothes. And I thought, even if I did get everything washed at one time, where would it go?

Next thing I know, I'm drifting through space and time to our apartment in Korea. We all shared one dresser and one closet. And it wasn't even a walk-in closet. Chloe had seven "everyday" outfits and two "church" outfits. Same for me. Same for the hubby. Except he only had one "church" outfit that he wore every weekend.

And you know what? It was enough.

And it was easy, even without a dryer. 

My wandering mind was jerked back to present-day reality when I heard Chloe say, "I can't find anything to wear."


I totally understand and know the feeling of walking into one's closet and saying such a thing, but something about that statement - in my state of mind - sounded like a challenge.

So the next morning, I officially announced a "No Schoolwork Day" in our homeschooling world. The announcement was met with cheers and hoorahs...

...until I told them to bring me all the contents of their dresser. And their closet. And their laundry baskets.

When all was washed and put into one place, our living room was overcome with piles and piles of little girl clothes. Pink sweaters and sparkly skirts and leggings and those darn holy jeans.

One badly photographed corner of the chaos:

Now, five days, one migraine, and a tummy bug later, all kid clothes have been sorted and put into their proper piles. 
Eight "everyday" outfits (including church clothes).
Two "messy day" oufits (for art and mud and such).
So if you were to walk in my door right now, you would see unswept floors, a sink full of dirty dishes, overflowing trashcans, and a mom-has-been-sick-all-weekend kind of mess in every room of the house. BUT... if you took the time to open the drawers and closets. Dude. You'd award me housekeeper of the year.
Okay. Maybe not. But on this Sunday night, I am choosing not to focus on all the things that didn't get done. Instead, I see the mammoth of a project that was tackled and conquered in the midst of a crazy five days.
And even in that, in the perspective, there is a small victory.
And even a small victory is not a defeat.
I'm still hustling, y'all.


shannon hendley said...

Great word. Needed to hear that today.

Jessica said...

Listen, that is NO SMALL VICTORY. That's HUGE! And inspiring, my friend. So very well done.

Anonymous said...

I love it! We could all use a lot more simplicity in our lives. Glad you are feeling better. Sorry you got that nasty bug that is going around.

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