Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another day in the U.S. of... wait....

So, while on my normal blog jog this afternoon, I was so grateful to find this little link gem through It's Almost Nap Time.

I can't agree more that every mom (particularly those of us in the throws of toddler years) must read this article.

I was so encouraged by it today... especially since last night's dinner dishes are still in the sink and the laundry that went in the wash this morning has still not been hung up. Such is life these days.

In other news, Maple Anne had her first doctor's appointment today. She was deemed "very healthy" and has gained 2.5lbs in a month! I really love those little roly-poly legs. However, she also got her first shots today: Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis (something that kids in the states don't have to get, I think). She was a little trooper. After just a few screams (and some yummy mommy milk) she drifted off to sleep before we left the office. Now she's running the typical low-grade fever and sleeping the day away. Poor little thing.

Chloe Jane has her first summer cold. That's always fun. Runny nose, coughing, the works. And again I say: poor little thing. So she stayed home today and watched Little Einstein for an ungodly amount of time. Each episode is a "reward" for drinking 5 gulps of water. "But isn't that bribery?" you ask. You bet it is. And, oh yes, it works. We've emptied two juice cups since noon. Can I get a whoop WHOOP?!

Also, today is sweet hubby's birthday!!! Happy Day, my love!!

I got up (before the doctor's appointment) and made French Toast for breakfast (a rare treat because of the cost of butter 'round these parts). For dinner we have: corn dogs, cheese fries, fruit salad, and birthday cake. We celebrate American-style, what can I say?

So, with all the craziness that today entailed, is it any wonder those clothes are still sitting there?

Anywho... all in all, today has been a pretty decent (albeit abnormal) day.

Hope all the family has a great time at Kid's Camp this week! Wish we could be there with you! Love you lots!

Peace out.

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leslie ruth said...

I looove Missy @ It's Almost Naptime. Did you see how she went to bat for Amy Beth in regards to those awful, hideous anonymous commenters? Loved it.

I bet you did find me through AB, she's been sweet enough to link to me a couple of times. How fun that y'all did college together!

Glad you're lurking, reading and commenting :)

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