Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Happy Day Day

So yesterday was my sweet hubby's birthday. We're not big on gifts around here, and hubby bought most things that he needed/wanted when he took his trip to the states a couple weeks ago. So, in place of store-bought gifts, I substituted (what else?) fattening food. :)

Per his request, I cooked French Toast for breakfast - a rarity around these parts due to the ridiculous cost of butter which, as we all know, is the very foundation of good French toast. Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures of the buttery goodness. Please try to manage your disappointment.

I did, however, manage to snap a couple shots of the "All-American" dinner that I cooked for his birthday. The corn dogs were frozen and cooked in the microwave. Please, try not to hate me for my culinary genius. It takes years to master microwave perfection. The other two dishes were simply salads.

"But what is that fourth dish that can only be described as looking scrumptrulescently greasy?" you may ask. It is, my dear readers, homemade cheese fries. Oh, yes.

And then there was the cake, which is store bought because, well, we don't have an oven and because, well, do I look like Betty Crocker to you?

Korean cakes really are fabulous.

And finally... the birthday boy... who is actually a man... because he turned 26... more than halfway to 30... just thought I'd mention that...

And now for the rest of the pictures (mainly featuring Chloe's consumption of an unspeakable amount of birthday cake)...

Brandon's birthday and some

So that's pretty much it. We may not have grand adventures, and we may not give great gifts... but we certainly do know how to celebrate with food.

Here's to grease and empty calories!!

Happy Birthday, honey! I love you!

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Starr said...

Those fries look SO yummy!!

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