Sunday, June 28, 2009

Because creativity is stifled by stifling heat...

I have several topics floating around in my brain right now, and I'm having difficulties turning any of them into full-blown creative posts . So, I have decided to write all of them in a single entry via the all-inclusive list format. Please, try to contain your excitement.

1. Yesterday, I laughed REALLY HARD at church. But I cannot tell you why here. If you would like to know, please comment, email, or facebook. I would LOVE to share with some peeps in a not-so-public arena. I mean, seriously, laughed REALLY HARD.

2. Chloe has suddenly reached a new level of "the terrible twos." Cheese and crackers, it's awful! I am at a complete loss! She spends more of her day in time-out than out of it. (I apologize to my high school English teach for the awkwardness of that sentence. It just goes to show how very fried my brain is at this moment.) Seriously, it's like she's never heard the word "no" before because each time I use it, she looks at me with these "gasp-I-can't-believe-you-just-told-me-'no'-and-now-I'm-devastated" eyes before throwing an all-out-lie-in-the-floor-flailing-arms-high-pitched-whine fit. If any of you moms out there have some creative advice for how to "lovingly" shut this mess DOWN fast, I'm aallllllll ears.

3. I was totally composing a post in my brain about this. But Missy at It's Almost Naptime beat me to it and, might I add, did a much better job than I could have. I just found her page a few weeks ago, and it has quickly become a favorite read. Check it out.

4. The rainy season has arrived in South Korea. What does this mean? It means rain in the morning and the most humid weather I have ever experienced in the afternoons. And, being from Georgia, that's saying a lot. Oh, and Bee Tee Dubbayu, we don't have A/C. We did have it for a few glorious hours one afternoon last week, but then the building unit went out, leaving us with a glorified ceiling fan. It's hot, y'all. And I mean HOT.

5. Chloe went to a Korean doctor for the first time last Monday. He confirmed what google suspected: she has mild bronchial asthma. If it stays at this stage, it shouldn't affect her life. She should still be able to do sports, play outside, scream at the top of her Kesler lungs, etc. Basically, it only gets "inflamed" as a result of a cold, upper-respiratory infection, etc. So, as long as we see the doctor right away when she gets sick, we should be able to keep her "attacks" to a minimal.

6. I'm not making any grand political statement here but, you know that doctor's appointment? We were in and out in less than 15 minutes, and it cost about $4.50 USD, medicine and all. Um, yay! for socialized health care.

7. There's a "Safety Show" on Playhouse Disney where a family named their three children, "Lou, Louise, and LuLu." Seriously? I'm pretty sure this makes some grand statement about the decline of our society... and I'm determined to figure out what that statement is. I'll get back to you soon on that one.

8. I have decided not to make the hormone/weight loss videos right now. I know, I know. I promised, but seeing as how that promise was over three months ago, I kind of doubt any of you were still holding your breath for those videos anyways. The fact is that all those hormonal problems I was having, they are starting to resurface. So I'm going to try to get all that stuff back under control before I attempt any grand weight-loss plan. In the meantime, I'll eat sensibly and continue my regular (albeit not that difficult) post natal pilates.

9. Maple has completely dropped one of her night-time feedings, meaning I only have to get up once in the middle of the night for about 15 minutes. Can I get a whoop WHOOP?!

10. Did I mention it's hot?!!! I think the temperature went up 10 degrees while I was writing this post. Dang.

That is all.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Has she cut her molars? Those 2 year molars can make a child act possessed by the devil himself. Give her some Motrin and if she starts acting better, voila. Just say yes.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Yea! I do love it when I am right. :}

Glad y'all are both feeling better!

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