Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Survey... except it's Sunday.. so, um... Sunday Survey!!!

I'm really feeling a lack of creativity these days. So memes are saving me! This one is from Amy Beth at MinistrySoFabulous. Whoop WHOOP!


Available: For what? ... I'm married.

Age: American: 25. Korean: 27.

Annoyance: Dirty socks in the floor.... perhaps I should have chosen a different profession. :)

Animals? No, thank you.


Best feeling in the world: Knowing you are loved.

Best weather: Right before a thunderstorm... when the sky is dark and the wind is blowing and the air smells of rain and the electricity makes your hair stand on end. Yum! Yum!

Been in love: AM in love.

Been on stage: Many times in high school... not so much these days.

Boys: Sure. Like to make a couple of my own some day.


Candy: Like it as a name. Not a fan of it as a food.

Chinese / Mexican food: I tolerate both.

Cake or pie: Hm. Cake, I think. Unless it's homemade apple pie... then it's pie. Unless the cake is 12-layer chocolate... then its cake.

Continent to visit: Hoping the next one will be Australia. Wait, that is a continent, right?

Dancing in the rain: How 'bout watching the rain while safely snuggled inside reading a book?

Drop things: All the time. Though, thankfully, neither of my children yet.

Dog: Eh.

Diamonds: I love mine, only because they serve reminders of beautiful moments in my life (engagement, wedding, birth of our first child, etc.)


Eyes: Dark brown. My mother says it's like chocolate. Others have said it's like I'm full of...

Everyone’s got: toes. Hm. Not sure why I thought of that first.


First thought when you wake up: "What time is it?" because I need to know whether to get up and start breakfast of just send Chloe back to bed.

Food: Macaroni and Cheese.


Greatest fear: Abandonment... and living a "safe" life. Yeah, sometimes those fears clash.

Gum: Yes, please.

Happy: Relatively speaking.

Holiday: Thanksgiving... and July 4th. I'm going to miss both of those this year. :(


Ice cream: Recently, cookies 'n' cream. Staple, moose tracks.

Instrument: Flute and a little guitar. Would love to play piano.


Jewelry: I have one pair of earrings and one necklace that I wear almost every day. Brandon gave me the earrings when we were dating. He gave me the necklace on my first Mother's Day as a mommy.

Job: Wife, Mommy and soon-to-be teacher?


Keep a journal? Three: this one, a private online one, and a private hand-written one used for my quiet time.

Kissing: Only with my hubby and little girls. I'm not a huge fan of PDA otherwise.


Laughed so hard you cried: Probably. Can't remember specifics.

Last time slept: For about two hours this morning - between 5:30am and 7:30am. Ah, the sleep-deprived joys of motherhood.

Movies: Amazing Grace. If you haven't seen it, RENT IT NOW. It holds my favorite movie quote of all time: "We understand that you are having trouble deciding whether you should do the work of God or to stay in politics. May we humbly suggest, you can do both.”

Motion sickness: Och! Unfortunately.


Not ready for: this adventure to end.

Name: Yes, I have one.


One wish: If I had only one? ...Some things are too close to the heart....

Perfect pizza: Pizza Hut, thin crust, beef 'n' bacon with extra cheese. Healthy, no?

Pets: a fish.


Quote you’re loving: "I may be strong-minded, but no one can say I'm out of my sphere now, for woman's special mission is supposed to be drying tears and bearing burdens."
-Loisa May Alcott, Little Women


Reality TV: Jon & Kate, that is all.


Song of the moment: Anything by... *cringe*... Taylor Swift. I know. I KNOW.

Salad Dressing: Hidden Valley ranch. Yay! for hubby bringing a massive bottle from the states!

Strawberries: Korean strawberries really are the best I've ever had!!


Thunderstorms: Yes, please.

Trust: Must be earned, can be lost, but is rarely a true mistake.


Unpredictable: Life.


Vacation spot: The Mountains... preferably, Cara Maggie's family cabin. :) :) That still remains, potentially, my favorite place on earth.


Weakness: Coffee... and gossip. I'm working on letting go of both...

Worst feeling: Fear of being unloved... and regret.


X-rays: A necessary evil, I suppose. They should have said "x-ray vision" because, well, that would be awesome.


Yellow: Reminds me of baby poop.


Zoo animal: Do brothers count? KIDDING!

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Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

LOVED reading your answers. :)

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