Thursday, June 4, 2009

I LOVE soggy cereal.

Am I alone in this?

I mean, seriously, soggy cereal is, like, the best breakfast food (and lunch food, and late-night snack food, and holiday food, and comfort food, and...)

I think my love of the sogginess started with my aunt Martha Dale who introduced me at a very young age to soggy Raisin Bran. Per her example, I often pour my cereal and milk when I first wake up in the morning and then go about my morning routine, only to come back a little while later to eat my now-softened sugary flakes.

But one has to be careful when orchestrating said sogginess. You see, the only thing worse than crunchy cereal is soggy cereal in warm milk. So you have to plan your morning accordingly. If you don't wait long enough, the cereal won't have reach maximum sogginess, and you may become agitated by the occasional crunch. But if you wait too long, then it has all been for naught because the milk has grown warm, and the whole meal is ruined because, as everyone knows, you can't throw out a perfectly good (albeit luke-warm) bowl of cereal just because it has warmed to room temperature.

And while we're on the subject of cereal, I would like to discuss the unwritten cereal rule that one should always drink the milk at the end of the bowl. If a person really doesn't like that sugary-sweet, dyed-to-the-color-of-the-cereal, still-a-few-pieces-of-cereal-floating-around milk, then don't pour so much. I'm just sayin'.

As for me, I frequently pour more milk than cereal because, well, YUMMY!

So what's with this new fascination with cereal? Well, I suppose you don't realize how important something is to your very existence until you have to go without it.

I thought, for a few terrible days, that milk was causing my baby's gas-related fussiness. However, after four days of no milk, the tummy troubles came back full-force. So, apparently it's something else. I'm thinking, perhaps, green bananas? Still not sure.

But the point is that, folks, I can eat soggy cereal again! Actually, I MAY have overdosed a bit in the last 48 hours. I mean, SOMEONE has to make up for all those days without the scrumptiousness.

And to end this soggy post, a poem:

Ode to Soggy Cereal
I love some soggy corn flakes;
They make my mornings right.
I love them all my waking hours,
Morning, noon, or night.


Rachel said...

I'm not a fan of soggy cereal but I love your poem! :) The ONLY kind of milk I drink is the milk left over from the cereal. I don't like it any other way! :)

Brandy Thixton said...

...even though we're not soggy cereal compatible, I'm glad we agree on the whole milk thing. :) :) :)

Thanks for the comment!

Starr said...

I am a After Cereal Milk Drinker, but Matthew isn't so I feel it to be my responsibility to drink his milk, but really only do it if it's the really good milk... like the 'after' milk from Cinnemon Toast Crunch, or Fruit Loops. Yummy... I know what I want for supper!!

Brandy Thixton said...

Mmm... I love the green 'after milk' of Fruit Loops. It's definitely in my top 5. Number one choice? Cocoa Crispies. Nothing better than chocolate after milk with chocolate crispies floating in it. Yum! Yum!

Toknowhim said...

I also don't share your love of soggy cereal, but we can still be great friends :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving comments this week...

Have a great weekend :)

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